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Statement of Support and Commitment.

Our extraordinary Technical Support and Customer Service is one of the main reasons why our clients rate ITG Host as the number one hosting solution for personal and small business websites. And we cant thank them enough for their recommendations. Because transparency and honesty are part of our core values, we believe it is essential that we let you know what's included in our hosting product support and what's not, before making your purchasing decision.

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  • How Long Does It Take To Set Up A New Account ?

    Accounts will be set up immediately after payment. You should receive a welcome email with instructions on getting started within a few minutes after making your payment.

  • Do I Need To Transfer My Domain To You ?

    We offer extremely competitive pricing on domain names that is often much cheaper than at other registrars. If you prefer, you can still with ITG Host and keep your domains at any registrar you choose.

  • Can I Have Additional Domain Names Pointed At My Account ?

    Yes. All our plans come with an unlimited number of parked or alias domains.

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept ?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We do not support automated recurring billing via PayPal so if you are paying month-to-month we would strongly recommend using a credit or debit card.

  • Can I Upgrade My Account If I Need To ?

    Yes you can upgrade at any time. If you are upgrading from Shared Hosting to Business Hosting we will need to migrate your account to a different server and will arrange a convenient time to do this for you with minimal downtime.

  • What's The Difference Between Shared & Business Hosting?

    Shared Hosting is a regular low-cost web hosting solution suitable for the vast majority of personal and small business web sites, and is provided under our Solo and Startup plans. For those customers with demanding or high traffic sites, or for those looking to host a web site with faster speeds, Business Hosting is recommended. These plans include more resources (up to 5 CPU Cores & 8GB RAM) and also include caching technology to make sites incredibly fast, with LiteSpeed server-side page cache, along with Redis and Memcached backend caches. We'd recommend our Business hosting plans for e-commerce stores, high traffic sites, or for those customers who want to leverage our server side caching technology so that their site loads as fast as possible.

  • Can I Install Software Into My Account ?

    Yes you may set up any software that runs on PHP/MySQL or Perl. We additionally have an application catalogue that will allow you to install over 300 commonly used applications in a few seconds.

  • How Secure Are Your Servers ?

    Extremely. You can see an overview of the security measures we have in place that keep our web hosting incredibly secure.

  • Can I Get Root Access ?

    On any of our shared hosting plans, the root access is not available. If you require root access with your hosting, we would recommend you purchase a vps, cloud or dedicated server.

  • Will Shared Hosting Work With My WordPress Website ?

    Yes! With our Softaculous one-click installer you’ll get your WordPress website up and running in no time. Want to know how to start building your WordPress website?

  • Should I Choose VPS Hosting Instead Of Shared Hosting ?

    A VPS gives you access to your own personal server, one that’s split up into several virtual servers with allocated resources (disk space and bandwidth) as well as a pre-installed operating system (OS) of your choice. For website owners looking to grow and scale up, a VPS is highly recommended. If your website is too big for Shared Hosting but too small to benefit from Dedicated Server Hosting, a VPS is the right choice for you.

  • What Is CDN And How Do I Use It ?

    A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of distributed servers around the world to cache (store) and deliver assets (e.g. images and video) to your website visitors faster, no matter their location. In addition to faster website-loading times, a CDN also secures your website, protecting it from DDoS and/or cyber attacks.

  • Why Do I Need A Domain Name ?

    Your domain name is how visitors easily find you online. It is often the first step in getting your website started because it is like establishing your website's street address on the internet. If you did not have a domain name, you would have to give out your IP address to everyone who wanted to visit your website, which would get confusing and be easily forgotten.

  • Is My Domain Name Available ?

    Let's find out! Enter the domain name you wish to use in the search box and then click Search. If your domain name is available you will be taken to a page to review and purchase it. If your domain is not available, ITG Host provides variations and other extensions for you to choose from.

  • How Secure Are Your Servers ?

    Extremely. You can see an overview of the security measures we have in place that keep our web hosting incredibly secure.

  • What Apps Are Included In OX App Suite ?

    All OX App Suite plans include access to Webmail, Calendar, Tasks and Address Book. The Productivity package adds OX Drive and OX Documents (Text, Spreadsheets and Presentations).

  • Can I Add Outside Email Accounts To OX App Suite ?

    Yes, OX App Suite supports connecting all external IMAP email accounts including popular providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.com. Simply add your email address and password into App Suite and any email sent to those accounts will appear in your App Suite Interface.

  • How Email Security Does It Work ?

    Email is routed through SpamExperts intelligent self-learning servers that will detect and block spam before it ever reaches you.

  • What Is SiteLock ?

    SiteLock provides simple, fast and affordable website security to websites of all sizes. Founded in 2008, the company protects over 12 million websites worldwide. The SiteLock cloud-based suite of products offers automated website vulnerability detection and malware removal, DDoS protection, website acceleration, website risk assessments, and PCI compliance.

  • Why Do I Need CodeGuard ?

    CodeGuard provides an independent offsite backup solution for your website along with daily monitoring to ensure your website is online and malware free.

The ITG Host Mission

We are technologists, designers, marketers, and educators but first and foremost, we are friends and colleagues. Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use, no-code, end-to-end automation solution that empowers individuals and teams to digitize business processes on their own. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity and power to focus on doing what they love while bringing teams, partners, and customers closer together in the process.

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